Vision & Mission


The school will import high class education right from the beginning to make the child tomorrow’s scientist and professionally skilled in every aspect l. To fight with all the challenges using his courage and brain so that he/she can achieve his goal.He/She can get established as a responsible citizen and bring pride to his/her country.Like Kalpana Chawla did.

To develop competence and capabilities in students our facilities which will make the best use of their intrinsic potential to nourish them. This will cater to the need and upliftment of the society and inculate Ethical values. It will create and disseminate knowledge in all sphere and play a vital role in the social economic growth of the nation.


  1. To promote and protect Indian culture.
  2. To share the hidden talent of each that he/she can develop him/her self to become the responsible citizen.
  3. Enrich the student with the feeling of patriotism,socialism and integrity.
  4. Modern education technology is introduced to build a society with rich moral values.
  5. Environmental protection programme is implemented to keep our country clean and green.
  6. Upliftment of the people so that they can also prove themself as a responsible citizen of the country.
  7. Promotion of women education which will serve as foundation for tomorrow’s modern generation full of dignity.
  8. Quality education is provided to the students so that they can become the skilled professional and Intellectual of the future.
  9. To cultivate the moral values is the students so that they can maintain ethical values of our country and spread it world wide.
  10. To develop the feeling of brotherhood and a desire to serve the nation so that in any stage of life he/she can prove him/her to be a sincere and dedicated person.
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