Message From Managing Director


Mr. Premsukh


Kalpana Chawla International school has been established with a pious objectives of promoting and facility studies and research with focus on base building and knowledge impating education.

It will provide comprehensive,multifaceted,inter disciplinary world class education.with its dedicated involved and committed staff Kalpana Chawla International school will play a vital role in the social economic growth of the nation.

This school will its state of art, infrastructure and modern facilities will impart high quality learning and with its sports activities would give a good physique to all students.

we are committed to build out best in our students and help them not only to succeed in thier studies but also to mature the values that build strong confidence, character and produce market oriented,industry driven and employable youth.

I welcome the students fraternity to experience the amiable education,environment at Kalpana Chawla International school.


Mr. Premsukh
(Managing Director)